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Woodworm Treatment Specialists

Our advanced woodworm treatment systems can save you major disruption and money - read below to see how. 

Wood-Boring Insects

Woodworm is the collective name for many different species of wood-boring insects. They are referred to as "worms" because of there appearance during the larval or "worm" stage of their growth. Mainly seen as flying insects when they emerge from your timbers leaving a tiny hole on the surface. Woodworm use the timber in your property as a food source and home. In time, they cause serious damage to timber by boring into it and compromising the structural integrity. Woodboring weevils attack wet and decaying wood. Some species are also able to infest timber in drier conditions.

It's rare to actually see the insects in action, so it is important to get a professional opinion as to whether the attack is active or historic. Most infestations are originally identified by the characteristic damage they leave behind. You'll first notice a problem if you see holes in timber, these holes are made by emerging adult woodworm beetles. Adult common furniture beetles can often be found dead on light surfaces and window sills, as they are attracted to the light from the adjacent window. Our surveyors are trained to identify new/current woodworm attack.

We have invested in specialists woodworm treatment systems that take away a lot of the disruption usually caused by other companies during woodworm treatment. Other woodworm treatment companies lift every sixth floorboard to access the timbers, you can imagine the mess and disruption this causes, they then simply course spray with a garden sprayer type pump which only treats what it hits! 


Here at preservation specialists we have invested in the latest woodworm treatment equipment. We have also invested in training our technicians in the use of our manufacturer approved 'fogging systems'. These systems create a dense fog to the affected voids and openings of your property. The fog contains our environmentally friendly chemicals which moisten, and are absorbed into the surface of the timbers they contact and hence supply the woodworm treatment to even the most inaccessable areas, leaving nowhere for the worm to go but through the treated areas, ingesting the chemicals and dying quickly after. Thus breaking of the woodworm life cycle. This advanced woodworm treatment system saves major disruption - one board per typical room to lift, saves time - less work to do and qucker to apply. In fact can you think of a reason not to use our specialist woodworm service!

Contact us on 0191 4 066 488 for efficient woodworm solutions to save your home and furniture from any further damage.