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Helpful Landlord Advice

Don’t lose good tenants due to a poorly maintaned property. Ring our office in Newcastle, for helpful advice or take advantage of our specialist property services for landlords to ensure your rental property stays free of damp, mould, wet rot, dry rot  and woodworm.

Damp, Rot and Mould in Rented properties

It pays to keep on top of repairs to the structure, interior and exterior of rental property. These properties are your investment for your future, meaning it’s vitally important to keep it maintained to attract and keep decent tenants.

Dampness, mould, Dry rot, Wet Rot and Woodworm are common problems in many rented buildings which need to be addressed before they get to a stage where tenants leave or worse - structural problems occur. If you are the tenant, discuss the problem with your landlord. and let them know we are on hand to provide cost effective treatments and solutions for a wide range of problems for your rental property.

Our specialist processes developed by our technical team in conjunction with leading manufacturers mean we can have your property repaired and redecorated ready to let faster than other companies. Our walldry system can be installed, replastered and dry and redecorated often in under a week, our rot and woodworm treatments have only one hour re-entry times meaning less disruption for tenants, shorter voids for re-letting and reduced loss of rental income!

Repair Products

Contact us today for advice and specialist services that keep your property in top lettable condition.

Breathe Easy

Minimise pollutants in your home with effective ventilation solutions. Our technical director and surveyors are available for site visits and telephone advice regarding what products are most cost effective and suitable for treatment, prevention and removal of mould in your property, including:

• Positive pressure ventilation • Positive input ventilation • Black spot Mould Removal

Contact us effective treatments carried out by trained technicians using eco-friendly solutions for the best results.